The AANZFTA Treaty – Development of Trade and Relations Throughout Southeast Asia

For a number of island nations, the perceived notion of isolation implies that trade with other nations can prove challenging. In Southeast Asia, for example, resident nations have come to rely upon each other for goods, therefore it stands to reason that a trade agreement can benefit all involved. Nearly fifty years ago, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations was formed to improve the overall economic health of the region through joint participation in trade and development. Only recently have the ASEAN nations come together to expand relations with larger economies, namely Australia and New Zealand. In early 2010, the… …;

The Free Trade Zone

A free trade zone (FTZ), also known as an export processing zone (EPZ), is a product of globalization. An FTZ is a specially designated area for export-oriented foreign direct investment. As a result, most tariff and non-tariff barriers are eliminated through agreements of states and investments are incentivized. These incentives usually include the waiver of customs and tariffs, the suspension or curtailment of laws in areas such as environmental protection and labor rights, and the facilitation of licensing procedures for foreign companies to set up local operations. Additionally, host countries often develop infrastructural support in areas such as transportation and…

Why The Craze And Controversy Over Hemp Clothing?

Hemp clothing is made from Hemp fiber which is taken from the plants of the Cannabis family. Cannabis is a dioecious plant that can be produced into fiber cloth. The plant, being of major technological importance as a fiber and being one of the most influential psychoactive plants in human culture, was most likely a key trade item from a very early date.

How to Find the Secret For Creating Successful Trade Show Displays

Research and finding the right information is pivotal to the success of trade show exhibits in any industry. Whatever is discovered during this process will determine which route the marketing takes, how the company is perceived, and how profitable it will be. But businesses also need to be careful. Collecting the wrong information can steer the exhibition and marketing down the wrong path and have disastrous outcomes. In all, there are three ways to discover the correct information needed for profitable trade show displays.